My time with Caitriona has given me the confidence and enthusiasm to get better grades than I ever expected. Being in a supportive, relaxed and caring environment has been an amazing experience and I could not be more grateful.


I have had Ms McKnight for 2 years and through that time I have really developed my understanding of Physics. I have understood a lot more and am less worried about my IGCSE. She has been a great help and inspiration and I will miss her for the rest of my GCSE course.


Ms McKnight has helped me expand my knowledge and understanding of physics to the GCSE level and further when we really wanted to know. Thanks!


I have had Ms McKnight for only a year but I have learnt so much from her in that time. I understand physics a lot more now and am more confident for my GCSEs after being taught by her.


Caitriona is always patient and has helped me to understand Physics so much better than before.


I have had Ms McKnight for two years now and I would rather no one else to teach me through my GCSEs!! Having once been someone who wasn't great and worried about their physics results, I am now so much more confident in getting good results! We all always look forward to her lessons and will miss her and her lessons which are both engaging and fun."


Caitriona always helps me and answered my questions in a way that was easy to understand. She helped me to understand physics in a fun and kind way.


Thanks to Caitriona I have really improved in Physics! She answers questions very well and is always friendly and patient. Lessons are fun and engaging and her teaching is never boring.